The CGT supported advancing parities and called to fight against the price increase

The CGT supported advancing parities and called to fight against the price increase

The CGT supported the advancement of parity and called to fight against price increases


The co-head of the CGT Héctor Daer spoke on Thursday for “the maintenance of the joint system for the salary discussion before the high inflationary processas had already been agreed”, when leading a meeting of central board of directors along with his peers Pablo Moyano and Carlos Acuña.

Daer said in statements to the press that in that meeting of the board of directors of the workers’ union, which lasted for four hours, a varied agenda of political, social and union issues was analyzed, and he ratified his support for the advancement of the parity with a “necessary and royal dynamic“.

The CGT debated on Thursday institutional, economic, political, trade union, social works and of the National reality and carried out a detailed analysis of the meetings held with the Government and businessmen.

“The CGT had already signaled its opposition to the payment of a bond and always ratified the need to maintain the free parity according to each activity,” Daer said, adding that it is essential to fight price increases.

The CGT, encolumned to fight against inflation.

For the head of the health union (ATSA), there are exporting sectors that increased prices by more than 30 percentwhich generated a unexpected income that must be distributed in “a country that requires it more than ever”.

For the trade unionist, the price makers in the country “are few”, so it is necessary to propose a strict monitoring of the value chain.

For his part, the head of the Railway Union (UF) and member of the plant’s board of directors, Sergio Sasia, spoke about the need to approve a Federal Transport Law.

“The sanction by Congress of a Federal Transport Law cannot be postponed,” said the also head of the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) and added that the board of directors discussed in depth the need to deepen issues of the work and production.

“The CGT analyzed the economic and social situation, with special concern about the advance of inflation, unemployment and high poverty rates, among other issues. State policies are required to boost production, industry and job creation,” Sasia told Télam.

Meanwhile, the head of the Newspaper and Magazine Vendors Union (Sivendia) of the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires senator for the Front of All (FdT), Omar Plaini, announced that in the face of the difficult economic situation “the Government must make some kind of stronger decision about what what happens with the price makers in Argentina“.

Plaini, a member of the board of directors, also argued that “governance is not under discussion, but the issue is to know how the Government resolves the issue of high poverty rates and the defense of salary purchasing power“.

The leaders deliberated for four hours in the historic building at 800 Azopardo and also analyzed “a report on the conversations held with the national officials and the situation of the social projects”, and supported the policy of advancing the negotiations parity.

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