The celebrations begin for the 213 years of the first libertarian cry in Chuquisaca

The celebrations begin for the 213 years of the first libertarian cry in Chuquisaca

The The Chamber of Senators met on Monday at the Casa de la Libertad (Sucre) in tribute to the 213th anniversary of the first libertarian cry from Chuquisaca, which is commemorated this May 25. In the act, which was described as historic, three laws were approved in favor of Chuquisaca.

The new rules are framed in definition of boundaries between municipalities (there are two laws on the agenda) and one for the transfer of land for the construction of a tertiary care hospital in the city of Sucre, capital of the Bolivian state.

With 32 of the 36 senators present in the room and four online, the president of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, opened the sessionbut other people were not allowed to enter, not even the press, who was only in the place for a few minutes, according to the Correo del Sur report.

This was the 130th session of the 2021-2026 legislature of the Upper House and the beginning of the celebrations for May 25.

Prior to the camaral act, Rodríguez highlighted the presence of senators from the nine departments. “We are very happy to share with senators from all over the country, in this historic house of all Bolivians, approving three bills for the benefit of the department of Chuquisaca”, expressed the legislative authority, stating that soon It is planned to approve other bills also for the anniversary month of Chuquisaca.

The two bills will be forwarded to the Chamber of Deputies for their respective treatment, towards its promulgation and entry into force, once published in the Gazette.

ANDPresident Luis Arce Catacora ​participate in the joint Honor Session of the Departmental Legislative Assembly of Chuquisaca and the Municipal Council of Sucre, it will take place in the Casa de la Libertad.

Óscar Sandy, president of the Municipal Council of Sucre, highlighted the participation of assembly members and regional and national authorities.

During the act, which began at 08:00 this Tuesday, the keys to the city will be awarded to Arce Catacora “not only for being president, but for impeccable management,” added the councilman. Besideshe will be awarded the Juana Azurduy de Padilla Medal.

The residents of Chuquisaca are also expected to make a floral offering in the Santa Cruz capital. This Tuesday night, at the Cambodromo, there will be a serenade.The celebrations begin for the 213 years of the first libertarian cry in Chuquisaca

A little history

This May 25 marks what is known as the PFirst Cry for Freedom in Latin America and the heroes of independence Manuel de Zudáñez Ramírez, Jaime de Zudáñez Ramírez and José Bernardo Monteagudo Cáceres are remembered, for being the heroes of the first revolutionary feat that radiated independence and liberation of the indigenous peoples of Latin America from the Spanish yoke.

Between the years 1538 and 1540, Captain Pedro Anzúrez, by order of the Marquis Don Francisco Pizarro, founded the noble Villa de La Plata, whose name was changed to Charcas during the Viceroyalty of Buenos Aires, later it was replaced by Chuquisaca and during the Republican era its capital was called Sucre, in honor of the Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio José de Sucre, according to information reproduced by the Senate

Jaime de Zudáñez was arrested by order of President Pizarro as an alleged conspirator, when he was taken prisoner at 5 in the afternoon of May 25, 1809, he shouted: “Patrianos, take me to execute!”; before this, his friends rang the bells, gathering a tumult that asked for his freedom and then attacked the house of the president of the Court; thus began the revolution. Among the revolutionaries, Juan Antonio Álvarez de Arenales is citedJaime de Zudáñez, José Bernardo Monteagudo, José Joaquín de Lemoine, José Mariano Serrano, the “Quitacapas”, and the “Tata Polanco”.

The campaign of emancipation lasted 15 years, reaching its goal on August 6, 1825 and in recognition of its role in the independence of the peoples of America, Sucre makes history again, hosting in the Casa de la Libertad, formerly the Sala Mayor or Aula Magna of the Pontifical University of “San Francisco Xavier”, the signing of the Act of Independence, bearing the name of Bolivia in honor of the liberator Simón Bolívar.

Finally, by Supreme Decree, on January 23, 1826 the department of Chuquisaca was created. The civic festival is celebrated on May 25, in commemoration of the emancipatory revolution of the year 1809, where at the head of Jaime de Zudáñez and a group of patriots, the insurgency and the libertarian cry that broke the chains of the Spanish yoke began. allowing the start of the revolution.

Current data on Chuquisaca

Currently, in urban areas, the department has 202,612 people who are part of the Economically Active Populationwhile the unemployed population reaches 17,893 people, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

22.6% of the population is employed in commerce, followed by the manufacturing industry (14.3%) and construction (9.8%).

The nominal GDP reaches US$ 2,130 million. What is exported the most is natural gas (35.3%), zinc (23.8%) and helmets for hats (10%), with a figure that exceeds US$94 million.

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