The celebration of Carnival 2023 is now official

With an investment of one million five hundred and fifty thousand balboas with 00/100 (B/.1,550,000.00), the government authorized the celebration of Carnival 2023 in Panama City.

Through the Official Gazette, Executive Decree No. 19 was promulgated, through which the celebration of this festival is made official.

The official date for the carnivals will be from February 18 to 21, 2023. The Panama Tourism Authority was also authorized to organize and direct all activities related to the carnival festivities in Panama City, so is authorized to negotiate sponsorships, hire personnel and services, as well as direct activities related to communication and public relations for this event.

Through the Decree, the Tourism Authority of Panama is authorized to support the organization of Carnival 2023 in the rest of the country by contributing financial support that will not exceed in its entirety the sum of seven hundred thousand balboas with 00/100 (B/. 700,000.00).

They emphasize that the organizations that benefit from the contributions must
Submit, no later than sixty calendar days after the completion of the carnival, a report regarding the use of the funds provided through the Panama Tourism Authority.

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