The brutal confession of the father who murdered his son in Melgar: "I don't feel anything"

The brutal confession of the father who murdered his son in Melgar: “I don’t feel anything”

His version agrees with the one told by Consuelo Rodriguez, the mother of the minor, in which she talks about a USB memory that she hid in the bathroom of her home.

“In that video I told her that I was going to kill the child and then I would commit suicide (…) I called her and told her to look, that I warned her and she did not pay attention, now she would also be responsible”, explained to the researchers.

He also said that after murdering his son he spent three hours next to the body, walking around the hotel room what was there chosen to commit the heinous murder.

“When I suffocated him I went to the bathroom, but I couldn’t find anything to hang myself with. So I took 40 pills that I carried in a bottle and that they were supposedly percussion caps, but nothing happened”, added the subject in his confession.

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Finally, the confessed murderer he showed himself without an iota of feelingneither good nor bad. just assured feel “nothing”.

“I don’t feel anything. When my mom died, I didn’t feel anything. When my dad died either (…) Right now I don’t feel anything,” reads the testimony of Gabriel González, revealed by Semana.

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