The Broad Front requested the dismissal of Álvaro Garcé

The Broad Front requested the dismissal of Álvaro Garcé

In the session of deputies that is taking place, the dismissal of Álvaro Garcé will be requested, after the complaints made against the Legislative Power, after the leak to the press of secret intelligence information and that the Prosecutor’s Office archived. “The Broad Front repudiates the leaking of information of a secret and reserved nature,” said the coordinator of the bench of deputies of the FA Mariano Tucci.

The seriousness of this situation warrants the consideration of the Executive Power and in particular the President of the Republic, to request the resignation of the Director of Strategic Intelligence Álvaro Garcé”. The complaint filed by the Prosecutor’s Office was made against the legislators who were present at the instance in which they discussed issues of national security. The Broad Front will present the issue as a “political matter.” Tucci further argued that “acting in good faith, the President of the Republic spoke of sabotage to national public security, and the Minister of National Defense spoke of treason.” “At least what the bench expects is an apology from the Executive, or the removal of this hierarch,” he said.

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