The Broad Front reaffirmed its rejection of the Social Security reform but will vote on some articles of the project

The Broad Front reaffirmed its rejection of the Social Security reform but will vote on some articles of the project

The agenda included the treatment and analysis of the situation of the reform project of
retirement and pensions (social security system), the confrontation between the minister
of Mides, Martín Lema and the coordinator of Ollas Populares, the case of former custodian Alejandro
Astesiano and gender-based violence against children and women, among other issues of
interest to the left.
Among the most significant, and in statements made by the president of the Frente
Amplio, Fernando Pereira, to the press, on whether to vote on articles of the Reform of the
Social Security that is analyzed in Parliament, replied: “We are going to study it and yes,
clearly some articles we are going to vote in favour. They are few, but they are items that can
favor the situation of some particular groups and that the Broad Front will not have the
need not to vote for them”.
In line with the theme, and through a statement, the political force stated that “the
Broad Front, in order to contribute to the parliamentary discussion since the proposals of
society receive the treatment they deserve, will create a working group headed by the
Presidency of the FA, made up of the coordination of the benches of the Senate and Deputies, and
by the Social Security Commission, which will analyze the discussion and report to the Political Table”.
In addition, the bicameral bench of the Broad Front will act and resolve each and every one of the
voting in unity of action. “He will not vote on any article whose approval results in a
limitation, suppression or setback, current or future, of any right in force for collectives
and people linked to social security, with the exception of those referring to situations
of privilege, for example, the Military Fund”.
For his part, and in relation to the case of former custodian Alejandro Astesiano, he told the media
that “It is a serious case that has brought derivations of all kinds. As you have seen, there are
meetings, there are contracts, there are requests for commissions that are clearly requests for
bribes and we will have to see how justice continues this process, how it is investigated without pressure from
no type”.

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