The Broad Front in Cologne with clear internal divisions

The Frente Amplio mayor Carlos Fernández submitted a request for information to the Departmental Board to find out basically who will go through the instance of land expropriation in the event that the section of the double track is made to Colonia del Sacramento, proposed by deputy Nicolás Viera (MPP ).

What happened lays bare the internal Frente Amplista. The mayor Carlos Fernández (Communist Party) made the request for information (see at the end) instead of asking his fellow bench member, the mayor José Manuel Arenas (Socialist Party) if he owns the land where Viera proposed the new route.

Several press colleagues called EL ECO to find out what we knew about the subject. The fair thing to do was to call Fernández and Arenas, both of whom reside in Juan Lacaze, and are members of the bench of councilors of the Colonia Departmental Board.

Fernández replied that it was a request to know details. He did admit that the rumor had reached him that Arenas had fields where the last stretch to Colonia del Sacramento was proposed.

EL ECO also called Arenas and asked him if he had fields or land where Viera had proposed the route of the double track, his expression of astonishment and his repeated “no” came first. And he added that he was not aware that a request for reports had been made by a fellow bench member in the Departmental Board.

The Broad Front in Cologne with clear internal divisions

Jose Manuel Arenas

The request entered the Board on May 14 and will be processed and presumably referred to the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.

The request for reports

Edil Fredis Antúnez (president of the Departmental Board)
From my consideration:

The undersigned, protected by article 284 of the Constitution of the Republic, requests that you submit this request for reports related to double road work Route 1.

In this regard, you want to know:

1. What standards will be affected in the new layout of Route 1, stretch from Riachuelo – Colonia?

2. Are the registers private, who are their owners?

3. Does the new section have an environmental impact study carried out?

Carlos Fernandez

The Broad Front in Cologne with clear internal divisions

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