The trial against Darthés in Brazil was annulled for not corresponding to its jurisdiction

The Brazilian justice will decide if it accepts another request from Darthés to postpone the trial

Juan Pablo Gallego, Fardin’s lawyer, argued that “the justice system in Brazil is very ambivalent.”

The federal judge of São Paulo, Brazil, Ali Mazlouwho substantiates the trial for sexual abuse that the actress Thelma Fardin started the actor Juan Darthesmust decide this Monday whether to accept or reject a request from the defendant’s defense that would postpone the restart of the hearings, judicial sources reported.

John Paul GallegoFardin’s lawyer, said in an interview with Télam that the “expectation is that the 14 hours from Argentina” it is known if the magistrate accepts or rejects the request of the defense.

“If it does not pronounce, the trial would be frustrated,” he explained, and in that case, it would be necessary to resort to the Federal Supreme Court (Supreme Court) in which “the resources are very long” when “Thelma’s hurry is to continue” with the debate. and “finish it”.

Gallego argued that “the justice system in Brazil is very ambivalent” and stressed that “in Argentina there is no precedent that an oral trial is suspended”.

“It is not regular what is happening”pointed out the lawyer.

Gallego had said last week that Darthés “insists on delaying and preventing the completion of a trial in which the evidence produced clearly incriminates him.”

Thelma Fardin Photo Victoria Gesualdi
Thelma Fardin. // (Photo Victoria Gesualdi)

Also “we have been clear in terms of the responsibility assumed by the bodies in charge of safeguarding the elementary guarantees of the victim of the process and we await now that correction arrives and another delaying defense maneuver is not validated,” he added.

The actress Thelma Fardin had posted on her Instagram account last May 13 that the delays in the hearings of the trial for abuse carried out against Juan Darthés in the Federal Courts of Brazil “put the statute of limitations of the crime at stake.”

They ask us to go to justice and justice is this aberrant crap and not at all reparative“, he highlighted.

ten days later, announced that he will denounce the delays in the trial to the UN “Because of the omission to restore Fardin’s guarantees, the Brazilian state was reliably notified of its responsibility on March 28,” Gallego said on that occasion.

“It is essential that justice pronounces once and for all to avoid more legal maneuvers that only seek to avoid a sentence for the accused and emotionally exhaust the victim,” he stressed. Melania Buerofrom the group Actrices Argentinas

At the end of last March, the Brazilian Justice ordered the trial against Darthés to continue by revoking the ruling that had returned the allegation of sexual abuse against the actor to zero.

How did the case start?

The process began when Fardin filed a complaint for aggravated sexual abuse against Darthés in December 2018 in Nicaragua, committed in 2009 during a tour of the Argentine novel Patito Feo, when both were part of the cast and she was 16 years old.

In mid-2019, Nicaragua required the opening of criminal proceedings against the actor for considering him the direct perpetrator of the crime of aggravated rape.

However, it was not until October of that same year that, after evaluating the accusation and the evidence offered, it was arranged to arrest and capture Darthés, who was a fugitive in Brazil.

The formal complaint against Darthés, “with the aim that he be prosecuted in Brazil for the events perpetrated in Managua on May 17, 2009 to the detriment of Thelma Fardin”, was filed by the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office in April of last year and the oral trial began in November.

The judicial process, in which three countries participated -Argentina, Brazil and Nicaragua-, had 11 witnesses, who testified remotely before Judge Mazloum, who interrupted the oral debate last February.

According to Gallego, Darthés could receive a sentence of up to ten years in prison for the crime of aggravated rape.

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