The Boca coach, urgently evacuated

The Boca coach, urgently evacuated

Hugo Ibarra, technician of Boca Juniors, it must have been admitted urgently after suffering health problems during team training xeneize. As reported by the newspaper Olé, the person in charge of the Buenos Aires club began to feel bad during the preparatory session, leading to a nosebleed.

Ibarra, transferred by indication of the club doctors to a care center, it remains entered as a precautionafter being subjected to various tests that, according to the aforementioned source, do not seem to reveal issues serious.

Sources close to Boca cited by Olé point out that the origin of Hugo Ibarra’s problems could be in his blood pressurein view of the high temperatures that are being recorded in Argentina, in the last throes of summer.

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Ibarra was evacuated by ambulance after the first examination he was submitted to by the xeneize club physicians. According to sources from the entity, when he arrived at the facilities he was no longer in the best condition, with a headache that did not prevent him from starting the preparatory session.

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