The billionaire who plans to give away 99% of his fortune

The billionaire who plans to give away 99% of his fortune

Sam Bankman-Fried, 30 years old, is the CEO of FXT Trading Limited, an exchange company cryptocurrencies.

20 billion dollars (just over 74 billion Colombian pesos) make up their fortune, according to the specialized media Bloomberg. In fact, Forbes, He highlighted him in 2022 as one of the entrepreneurs under 30 who are part of the young revolutionaries of the world economy.

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He has it all: money, charisma and a prosperous company, but apparently Bankman-Fried is not so happy and wants Give away 99% of your fortune. He would only keep 1% to pay for his life.

Pretty soon you run out of ways to make yourself happier by spending money. I don’t want a yacht”, he said in a chat with Bloomberg. In this way, he emphasized that he no longer finds the point in spending or buying things.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the billionaire who wants to donate his fortune.

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Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics and a minor in mathematics, the young man wants to keep a lifestyle of ‘effective altruism’, which he defines as the way to do good with your own money and time.

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Already donated 50 million dollars during 2021 for environmental initiatives and to help India amid the complexities of the covid-19 pandemic. Even, as he told Bloomberg, It expects to deliver up to a billion dollars in 2022 and one of those donations will go to prepare for a future pandemic.

We can expect pandemics to get worse over time and more frequent, just because of the possibility of lab leaks. This is a non-trivial possibility that can destabilize the world if we don’t prepare for it.”, he assured.

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Regarding his intention to give away 99% of his fortune, he said that it is not something that he constantly reassesses, “because I think it’s no use constantly reevaluating anything“.

FXT Trading Limited, founded in 2018, allows investors and large companies to trade cryptocurrencies, a financial market that is becoming more and more booming. The company is in full growth and hopes to build a headquarters for 1,000 employees in the Bahamas, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


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