The best countries for Colombians to emigrate

The best countries for Colombians to emigrate

According to figures from the Chancellerynearly five million Colombians They live outside the national territory. Especially, these reside in countries like United States (25%), Spain (19%) and Venezuela (16%). This means that a little more of the Colombians residing abroad live in these three countries.

The conditions of life, education, work, security or tourist attractionthere are five countries that are the main options chosen by Colombians to go live.

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The country with the largest economy in the world has been the favorite destination for the majority of Colombians living outside of Colombia.

The main reasons why this country is chosen is because it is one of the nations in the world that most grants US citizenship to Colombians.

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Job offers and working conditions For the Americans themselves, they have also been a very important hook so that more people from Colombia decide to go and live there.

Being a country belonging to the European common market, as well as for linguistic and cultural issues, Spain it has become another attractive destination for Colombians in the ‘Old Continent’. ANDthis It is very convenient, since it is the only country that does not require mastery of a second language than Colombians in Europe.

In addition, if a person resides for five years in Spanish territory, You can apply for a permanent residencewhich is very attractive for those who want to start a new life outside of Colombia.

Despite being a country far removed from Colombia, Australians do not hesitate to warmly welcome tourists and those who wish to live there with open hands. Likewise, Australia has multiple job and academic offers, which further increases the interest in going to this nation.

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Another factor to highlight is the inclusive culture that citizens have, so it can be a very important factor in adapting.

The country located in northern Europe is considered one of the best countries in the world to emigrate, because its health system and policies in favor of environmental protection, as well as security can be a guarantee pledge to live at ease.

Likewise, a well-paid job in Norway can exceed the line of 60 thousand euros per year.

The immigration policies of Canada They are widely known for their flexibility, because due to demographic issues, the country of the maple leaf has opened its doors for foreign visitors to consider staying there.

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In addition, Canada It offers multiple employment and academic options focused on young people, making it an attractive destination for those who wish to start a professional life in a developed country.

He FTA that Colombia has with the North American country allows a Colombian citizen to work freely without a special work permit.


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