The beauty of Aitana Tufiño Cronenbold preserves a tradition

The beauty of Aitana Tufiño Cronenbold preserves a tradition

By Maria Jose Rojas

Aitana Tufiño Cronenbold, a beautiful green-eyed Santa Cruz, at her early 20s, walks steadily in the pursuit of her life goals, while enjoying the achievements to date. She has reached several of them in the area of ​​beauty queens, fulfilling a kind of family tradition, since she Aitana is the daughter of Natalia Cronenbold Aguilera, Miss Bolivia 1995 and queen of the Santa Cruz Carnival 1997.

with its own merits

Currently, Aitana is immersed in the world where she has always projected herself and in which she has become one of the most outstanding beauty representatives in recent years. The titles that she won with perseverance and dedication are an example of this: EL DEBER Stewardess (2018), Queen of the Cruceña Tradition (2021), Queen of the Aviation Military College (2021) and Queen of the Blooming Club (2022).

Aitana says that it would be a great honor to follow the paths her mother traveled and become Miss Santa Cruz and Miss Bolivia.

Between two worlds

In addition to her natural inclination for the catwalks and the world of beauty, Aitana also has soccer in her veins, which was passed on to her from her father, former soccer player Rubén Tufiño.
She has been a Blooming fan since birth and is now part of the BNN Noticias team.

He is a student of Social Communication and it is on the field where he practices his skills as a journalist doing interviews and sports notes.

Some of Aitana’s hobbies are going to the gym, practicing volleyball and playing soccer.

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