The battle for the Center begins: Matias Walker assures that the new political reference “will not exclude anyone”

The battle for the Center begins. Senator Matías Walker, who recently resigned from the Christian Democracy (DC), affirmed this Sunday that the new political reference that he intends to create —along with the also resigned senator and Falangist Ximena Rincón— will not exclude anyone a priori, whether from the left , center or right.

Consulted by the political domicile of the new referent, in conversation with Channel 13the legislator replied that “we are going to convene all Chileans who feel proud of the center-left governments, which are from the center, from the center-left, we are going to come together with many people who come from the former Concertación parties, but also with independent citizen movements with whom we converged on the center-left for the Rejection and with whom we understood that the Rejection was not right-wing, but rather brought together many people who understood that we want a new Constitution.”

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“We regret the delay that the famous ‘Table of 8’ has had in reaching an agreement for a good Constitution that represents us all, where the Judicial Power is called the Judicial Power, that operates the principle of separation of powers, in the State, that there is no re-election of the President of the Republic, because it is a seed of populism and caudillismo that has done great harm to other Latin American countries. We are going to call all of them to a great political project that brings together the center and the democratic center-left,” added the legislator.

On whether they would receive center-right people, Walker said that “there are probably many people who come from liberal center-right worlds who probably felt very disappointed when a Chile Vamos pact has the Republican Party. Gloria Hutt, the new president, said so of Evopoli. So I have no doubt that there are many people who come from independent worlds without a certain insignia, without a certain brand, who are going to feel attracted by a new political project”.

And asked if he would accept an alliance with Evópoli, the senator stated that “what happens is that Evopoli has to define its destiny. For now they are in an agreement with the Republican party, as I say the new president of Evopoli has been critical What is important? You said it in a report this week: there is a revaluation of the political center. And we are not going to exclude anyone in this call, but mainly we are calling those who feel identified with the political center without complex”.

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