The Baroque Music Festival will have two monumental concerts on its last day

The Baroque Music Festival will have two monumental concerts on its last day

This Sunday concludes the XIII International Festival of American Renaissance and Baroque Music Misiones de Chiquitos, after 10 days of concerts in the capital of Santa Cruz and the provinces of the department. The closure will have two monumental recitals.

Monumental Baroque is the title of the show which will be presented in two functions (5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.), at the Santa Cruz Cooperative School, the American School, which officially inaugurates its modern theater with this co-production made up of 150 local soloists, choirs and orchestras, who will share the stage with musicians from the Florida International University School of Music (USA).

“After spending 30 years studying the archives of Bolivia, I have wondered if something similar existed here and where I would find evidence of it. So, perhaps the musical productions in the 18th century were not so voluminous, but they did include many people and it shows in some works by Sucre, for example, where the composer had in mind a massive execution of his creations ”, explains about Monumental Baroque father Piotr Nawrot, art directorfestival theme.

Thus, Nawrot chose some works from the repertoire of Sucre and others from Europe to present them together under a single direction. The project was presented to the Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC) for approval and the entity, with 30 years of experience organizing festivals, including Renaissance and Baroque music, decided to launch it.

Most of the group that we will see on Sunday is from the Santa Cruz capital, home to many musicians from the Chiquitos missions who are studying in this city and make up two orchestras: Hombres Nuevos and Chiquitana. Father Piotr Nawrot’s idea came in 2020, but five weeks before the festival they had to stop your organization due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In January of this year the program was resumed.

And although the program was conceived by the priest, the coordination is in the hands of Marcelo Santa Cruz, music teacher and member of the Arakaendar choir. He summons the musicians for rehearsals and ensures that everything runs smoothly for the final presentation. “We will have about 150 musicians on stage, really a very large troupe, fabulous,” said Nawrot enthusiastically. “For this we have invited the director Javier Mendoza, who works at Florida International University. He will bring from there eight or ten students and teachers who will participate in the execution”.

On the place chosen for the execution of the Monumental Baroque, the brand new theater of the Santa Cruz Cooperative School (American School), the priest explained: “Our productions have always been made in churches and we are not going to change that. However, from time to time, there are programs that can be held in other spaces. For example, for some festivals, we have been giving concerts at the Center for Plurinational Culture and on one occasion we had an opera at the Eagles theater. So, we accepted the invitation from the Santa Cruz Cooperative School because the auditorium has the conditions for the Monumental Baroque”.

With this mega-concert, APAC intends to show that in its 26 years supporting theater and musical activities, the world of music in Santa Cruz has changed. According to Father Piort, in 1996, of the approximately 18 members of the Santa Cecilia choir, only two of them read music. Currently, in Santa Cruz, the casts have multiplied in parishes and neighborhoods, and all their members read music. “The production will make us visualize that something happened here; that the subject of academic and historical music is not something that happens sometimes and surprises us, but an experience that we live daily”, he emphasized.

And while the festival ends in Santa Cruz de la Sierra with the Monumental Baroque, in San Ignacio de Velasco it will do so withn the Great Concert Clittle girlnot.

Four orchestras from the province (San Ignacio de Velasco Municipal Choir and Orchestra, Santa Ana de Velasco String Orchestra and Fassiv Music Inclusive Orchestra and Paz y Bien Orchestra) will separately perform Sonatas from the Chiquitos Musical Archive and then, at the end, all will join to conclude the repertoire; Master Héctor Anori will take charge of this execution, from the pulpit of the marvelous Ignatian cathedral.

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