Procuraduría asume investigaciones de muertes violentas en cuarteles

The Attorney General’s Office assumes investigations of violent deaths in barracks

SANTO DOMINGO.-The attorney general, Miriam Germán Brito, affirmed yesterday that she perceives “a certain pattern of behavior” in the events in which citizens have died after being detained in police detachments, for which she ordered the General Directorate of Persecution to strengthen the investigations of these cases.

During a working meeting with Deputy Attorney General Yeni Berenice Reynoso, Judge Germán Brito stated that, if any of the cases require it, they will strengthen the teams of prosecutors that investigate each fact in the corresponding jurisdiction.

He reiterated that conduct such as that reflected in these cases linked to police brutality cannot be allowed.

“Like everyone in our society, this situation causes us great pain, because these are facts that cause indignation, pain and shame,” explained Germán Brito after holding a meeting with Reynoso.

“We perfectly understand the outrage of society. We are awaiting the results of investigations that are underway in the different jurisdictions of the country. We have instructed the General Directorate of Persecution of the Public Ministry to strengthen the investigations of these cases in which a certain pattern of behavior is envisioned that we cannot allow.”

With the death last Sunday of David de los Santos, there are three young people who die after being detained in a police station, events that are attributed by their relatives to beatings inflicted by agents on duty.

The Public Ministry and Internal Affairs of the National Police have open investigations to determine the circumstances in which the deaths of Richard Báez occurred, a hairdresser from Santiago who died in a detachment in that city after being arrested. The same thing happened with José Gregorio Custodio, in San José de Ocoa, and now David de los Santos, in the Naco detachment in Santo Domingo.

The three cases have in common that they arrived at the detachments without trauma or injuries and at the time of death they showed blows that caused their death, according to the legal certificates.

Similarly, they agree that the initial version given by the police did not correspond to the reality verified later.

The medical evaluations carried out on the victims have shown that the deaths were caused by blunt blows received.

President Abinader himself spoke guaranteeing that there will be no impunity.
psychiatric evaluation
Several deputies referred yesterday to the cases of police violence, recommending that the agents be given a psychiatric evaluation and that the cases also be investigated by the Public Ministry, because there is no confidence in the integrity of an investigation produced by the National Police itself. .

Deputy Soraya Suárez said yesterday that this was one of the recommendations made at the time to the Minister of the Interior and Police.

“We asked that a team of psychiatrists and psychologists be put together so that the police officers can be trained in conflict management issues. The Police must be well trained in the country,” said Suárez.

The legislator requested that the Public Ministry take charge of the internal investigations, since the Police should not investigate itself. She also requested that the police reform work be speeded up, which she considered has been delayed.

President Luis Abinader initiated the process.
Resistance to reform
Another of the legislators who made reference to the issue was the spokeswoman for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Fiordaliza Peguero, who asserted that one of the problems of the Police is that they resist the reform.

He agreed with Suárez in pointing out that it is necessary to hire behavioral personnel to deal with police officers.

“We can’t talk about purging because we don’t have the policemen who are going to replace those who should be removed from the ranks for misconduct. There is a psychological problem that must be addressed,” said the legislator for San Pedro de Macorís.


— Chaos Promoters
Deputy Ramón Ceballos pointed out yesterday that within the body of order there are sectors that resist changes and new efforts and that, as he said, encourage chaos to cause the removal of the director.

The PLD condemns abuses by police officers
Order. The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) yesterday demanded a thorough investigation that reveals the truth and justice for the families of the victims who fell into the hands of the National Police after being arrested.

“We look at these cases with concern, along with the death of that married couple and others; observing how it is intended to normalize “the baton” against citizens, with or without due detention processes, to the detriment of all the protocols that guarantee respect for human rights, with which this country is firmly committed, “he states in a written statement .

“We demand a thorough investigation that reveals the truth and justice for the families of the victims José Gregorio Custodio and Richard Báez, who died on April 17 and April 5, respectively, and the most recent case of the young David de los Santos Correa .

He said he recognized the urgency of a comprehensive and structural police reform, “which should not remain in administrative procedures, such as the creation of a trust for these purposes.” The statement also points out that the long-awaited reform is an arduous task, and that this is not the time for promises.

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