The Atlántida Rock Festival already has a date

The Atlántida Rock Festival already has a date

“Atlántida is a consolidated and historic destination, which is experiencing this culmination stage of the recovery of the tourism sector in Uruguay,” said the Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, who assessed the development of the start of the season.

The festival was presented in the Arredondo hall of the Ministry of Tourism. Together with the minister, the undersecretary of the portfolio, Remo Monzeglio; the national director of Tourism, Roque Baudean; the Director of Tourism of the Municipality of Canelones, Horacio Yanes; the president of the Atlántida Promotion League, Daniel Cervini, and various artists who will be part of the festival.

Viera highlighted the relevance of this musical event that integrates the cultural offer that is offered to tourists in this stage of recovery of the sector after the pandemic. In addition, he pointed out that those who visit the Canarian resort this weekend will be able to enjoy a first-class festival, with a quality and 100% national grid, which will combine long-standing bands and emerging artists.

The chief appreciated that there are initiatives to complement the natural attractiveness of Uruguayan destinations with other types of activities. He added that tourists, during their vacations, no longer just enjoy the sun, “they want to have something more, so it is very good that there are private initiatives, from the community itself, such as the Promotion League, to generate this type of event.” , indicated.

According to the first records, Atlántida is experiencing a good start to the season in line with what is happening in other destinations in the country. The minister reported that, although the portfolio will officially evaluate the season at the end of the quarter, there are data that mark a very auspicious start. As an example, he pointed out that between December 22, 2022 and January 8, 2023, 460,000 visitors entered the country, some 40,000 more than in 2019, the year before the pandemic.

He also reported that hotel occupancy is above 90%, not only on the ocean coast and the Río de la Plata, but also in other destinations such as hot springs or those for fluvial tourism. He also noted that cruise tourism has recovered, with more than 200 ships confirmed for the season, the highest number in eight years, he noted.

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