The angelic Putin of 'Cubadebate' adds up to more than 20,000 dead civilians in Ukraine

The angelic Putin of ‘Cubadebate’ adds up to more than 20,000 dead civilians in Ukraine

Among the rubble of some buildings bombed by Russia in Mariupol has appeared a hundred civilian bodies who perished in an air raid. The corpses are added to a list that has long exceeded 20,000 dead in one of the most punished cities in Ukraine and today under Russian control.

The same day, Cubadebate decided to illustrate a column dedicated to Russia with a photograph in which Vladimir Putin can be seen during his speech at the opening of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, on June 17. The image, taken by the Associated Press photographer at the event, Dmitri Lovetsky, shows a curious optical effect whereby the event logo, behind the Russian president’s head, makes him appear with a nimbus, that golden halo painted on sacred images in order to represent his aura of holiness.

The text, signed by Cuban columnist Hedelberto López Blanch and posted first in Rebellion, handles the possibility that Russia, expelled from the G-8 in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea, reissue a group with the same name or another, depending on the number of members, to serve as an alternative to the current G-7. The new group would be made up of countries that “do not participate in the sanctions war”, although the idea is not his, but the president of the Duma (Russian Parliament), Vyacheslav Volodin, who mentioned it weeks ago.

The new group would be made up of countries that “do not participate in the war of sanctions”, although the idea is not theirs, but the president of the Duma

“China, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, India and Iran, whose gross domestic product, together, adds up to 60 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the Group of the G-7: the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and Germany, only reaches 45 billion dollars, that is, 25% less than the supposed G-8.To these countries we should add others such as Venezuela, South Africa, Nigeria or Argentina, for example, which have great potential. says the author.

The note insists on the idea that Western propaganda based on false news is any information that reviles Russia, be it for economic, military or political reasons; and is in the editorial line of the official Cuban press, who has defended the Kremlin tooth and naildespite the fact that NATO member countries are, in part, supports of the Cuban economy, like most of the Europeans or Canada.

In the midst of the international cornering that Russia has suffered since it invaded Ukraine, Cuba has not hesitated to be part of the defending countries of a country that may have interests in helping the Island to have allied bases in Latin America. A troubled river, profit of fishermen, Havana seems to think, after years in which Moscow appeared to cooperate more than it ended up doing and canceled multiple projects after stating that the Cuban side it is informal and does not pay. Now, with an economic crisis of renewed depth, Saint Putin is needed more than ever.


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