A Guantanamo announcer from the CMKS radio station is found dead in his home

The alleged murderers of Cuban broadcaster David Alexis González are detained in Guantanamo

Three individuals have been detained for the murder of broadcaster David Alexis González Joseph in Guantanamo, last April 26. According to a note from the Ministry of the Interior published in overcome On Saturday, Víctor Javier Rojas (20 years old), Yordanis Guerra Richardson (26 years old) and Emmanuel Sojo Wong (20 years old) are being prosecuted and have acknowledged being the perpetrators of the crime.

The brief text details that the youngsters, “taking advantage of the early morning hours”, entered the home of González Joseph, at Luz Caballero street corner 1 South, “for profit”, that is to say to rob him, and killed him ” with bladed weapons.”

The official explanation coincides with the comments on networks to the news of the murder, almost three months ago. Thus, the user Freedom Queen, who specified that the communicator “was going to be robbed at his house and the situation got out of control. Things by his name.”

The youths, “taking advantage of the early morning hours,” entered González Joseph’s home, at Calle Luz Caballero, corner 1 South, “for profit,” that is, to rob him, and killed him “with bladed weapons.”

The announcer, who worked at the official radio station CMKS, was found dead inside his home. Without mentioning the word murder, the Guantanamo station then offered his condolences for the “unfortunate death of one of its presenters” and recalled his “charisma and talkativeness” as a gift to radio listeners on the programs Knowing is winning, FM Latina, Saturday Night and dian.

Murders like that of González Joseph or that of the coachman Antonio Silvino Perez, in Santa Clara, last May, indicate that violent robberies are increasing in Cuba. At the same time, they are also daily femicide (there are already 52 so far in 2023) or the cattle thefts and electric motorcycles.

In a note published last June, The Ministry of the Interior assured that 90% of the cases in which firearms were used – whose number they did not provide – had been resolved with the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators. However, he admitted that he only solved 60% of crimes without firearms.

For the ruling party, the news on crime is an exaggeration by the independent media, which “magnify” the facts to “subvert the order” and damage tourism.


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