The agreement between the EU and Mercosur 'remains firm'

The agreement between the EU and Mercosur ‘remains firm’

The high representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, yesterday showed his “firm commitment” to making “reality” the trade agreement that the EU signed in 2019 with Mercosurbut which has not been ratified due to the reluctance of several European countries and the European Parliament.

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The head of European diplomacy said on his official Twitter account that yesterday he held a “very useful meeting” in Brussels with the Uruguayan Foreign Minister, Francisco Bustillo, in which they discussed the “future of the EU-Mercosur agreement”, the trade bloc of which Uruguay is part of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

We share the firm commitment to make it a reality. We will continue working together to promote the strategic relationship between the EU and Latin AmericaBorrell said on Twitter.



Bustillo also stated on the same social network that he “agreed” with Borrell “on the importance of quickly completing the negotiations of the agreement,” with the aim of “deepening the ties between the two blocs and enhancing their role in the international arena.”
It should be noted that the EU and Mercosur They signed the agreement in 2019 after twenty years of negotiations.

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Earlier this week, the current presidential candidate, Luis Inácio Lula Da Silva, said that if he were re-elected as head of Brazil, he would accelerate Bolivia’s entry into Mercosur, process from which the approval of the Brazilian Legislature remains.


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