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The AFIP sanctions a gastronomic establishment in Palermo Hollywood

The AFIP sanctions a gastronomic establishment in Palermo Hollywood

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) reported that, after carrying out control and inspection visits, they found 25 irregularly hired employees in a gastronomic establishment.

The inspection carried out the organism took place in several restaurants in Palermo Hollywood, in the City of Buenos Aires, where the AFIP advance control actions.

The employees worked in black.

Precisely through these actions, the AFIP was able to determine that 25 employees of the evaluated company were not registered as established by law, for which the place was sanctioned.

“An information crossing carried out by the General Directorate of Social Security Resources allowed to detect the existence of a gastronomic company that, despite the activity carried out, did not have registered employees“.

The body seeks to guarantee the rights of workers.

According to the agency, the company’s employees worked in different gastronomic establishments in this area of ​​the City, and by not having them registered, they must pay a fine.

“The General Directorate of Social Security Resources AFIP will determine the payment of the contributions and contributions omitted by the company and will set the corresponding fine.

Palermo Hollywood is one of the most visited gastronomic areas.

The AFIP detected labor exploitation in Balcarce

Within their days of inspection and supervision, the organism detected that 8 workers dedicated to the potato harvest in Balcarce suffered labor exploitation.

This, given that the employees worked 12 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday, and also had to pay for their transportation and food, and they did not have the basic necessities to spend the night, because they slept outdoors.

The AFIP inspects companies throughout the country.

The workers had been under these conditions for 15 days, for which the owner of the place reimbursed him for the mobility expenses, and after the complaint, the employees were transferred to an apartment.

Personnel from the National Registry of Rural Workers and Employers (Renatre) and the Ministry of Labor of the Province of Buenos Aires belonging to the Balcarce delegation participated in the procedure.

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