The AFIP challenged Judge Cayssials, involved in the case of the trip to Lago Escondido

The AFIP challenged Judge Cayssials, involved in the case of the trip to Lago Escondido

The AFIP requested the removal of Cayssials.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) challenged Federal Administrative Litigation Judge No. 9 of the Federal Capital Paul Cayssials and requested his separation in two cases where the companies Papel Prensa SA and Telecom Argentina SA filed lawsuits against the collecting agency, judicial sources reported Thursday.

The presentation was made after the actions promoted by the federal justice of Bariloche in the case labeled “Ercolini Julián and others s/ Breach of the duties of a public official, acceptance of gifts”the sources added.

The Bariloche federal prosecutor’s office promoted the investigation insofar as “it considered proven that on October 13 of this year a group of judges traveled from the city of Buenos Aires to that city – Cayssials among them – to celebrate with two high-ranking officials from Grupo Clarín SA, Pablo Casey and Jorge Carlos Rendo, a meeting that was intended to be hidden,” the spokesmen said.

They added that “since these two individuals are the legal adviser of Telecom Argentina SA and the president of Grupo Clarín, respectively, and that the companies are AFIP plaintiffs before the Pablo Cayssials court, the tax agency requested their recusal before the undeniable conflict of interest that arises.

According to the judicial presentation “it is clear to the AFIP that the magistrate lacks the impartiality and objectivity necessary to carry out two separate trials in which the representatives of the plaintiff companies participated in the trip in question and for which they are being investigated at headquarters penalty,” the sources said.

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