The adulterated drink that continues to kill people in Colombia, and it is not known who distributes it or where

The adulterated drink that continues to kill people in Colombia, and it is not known who distributes it or where

So far this December, 27 people have died from ingesting adulterated liquor. A hangover that puts out life!

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The increase in cases of poisoning and deaths due to the intake of adulterated alcohol in the country continues to grow, only during the month of December it has claimed the lives of 27 people.

Although the death toll has only been reported in Bogotá and Soacha, Cundinamarca is still worrisome for the authorities.

According to the National Institute of Health from 2008 to 2015, there were 32 deaths due to adulterated alcohol, that is, that only this year is five cases away from equaling the record of seven years ago.

Following the trail of adulterated liquor

The authorities in Colombia have set off alarms after cases of poisoning and deaths from the consumption of adulterated liquor.

In the face of the emergency, they have been dismantling different warehouses and homes where they apparently store these drinks.


In addition to the 3,500 bottles of adulterated liquor found by the first operatives in Bogotá and Cundinamarca, to be sold in liquor establishments south of the city.

Recently in the town of Bosa in Bogotá, they seized 4,500 bottles of adulterated liquor that were in a warehouse.

“We came across a plant where they pack the bottles and there are 4,500 bottles packed in 380 boxes,” said Ana Gabriel Gutiérrez, a colonel from Bogotá.

This place was immediately sealed and respectively sanctioned.

Cauca’s Valley

After a series of operations in the different municipalities of the Valley, they managed to seize 3,542 bottles and 35 gallons of adulterated liquor.

In addition to tapas, labels and other elements that are used to package the brandy and market it during this holiday season.

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“In the framework of the ‘my family is Colombia’ plan in the municipalities of Cartago, Palmira, Buenaventura, Tuluá and Dagua, it was possible to seize more than 3,542 bottles and 35 gallons of adulterated liquor for sale,” said Ever Gómez, colonel of the Cauca’s Valley.

The authorities invite citizens who have knowledge about the manufacture of adulterated liquor, to inform the national police through line 123.

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