The adolescent involved in a crime against girls in Ciudad Belén is prosecuted and exhibited as an adult

The adolescent involved in a crime against girls in Ciudad Belén is prosecuted and exhibited as an adult

Of the three involved in the crime in Ciudad Belén, who were presented by the Police on the morning of this Thursday, September 8, one is a minor. He is 16 years old and the State has the obligation to subject him to a special trial, prosecute him in a juvenile court and protect his identity.

On the contrary, Daniel Ortega’s Police exhibited him viciously and recounted every detail of his crime. In addition, he exhibited it with his name and surnames and made him pose in front of the official television cameras. He has been presented as an adult common criminal and without any guarantees.

As established in Article 101 of the Nicaraguan Children’s Code, adolescents who face criminal justice must be prosecuted with “due respect for the inherent dignity of the human being, which includes the right to have their personal integrity protected. During the investigation, the processing of the process and the execution of the measures, every adolescent will be respected the right to equality before the law, equal protection and non-discrimination for any reason, “says the Law.

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The lawyer for the Nicaraguan Never Again Human Rights Collective, Carlos Guadamuz, considers that “the fact that this adolescent has been publicly exhibited by National Police authorities is a violation of Article 101 of the Code for Children and Adolescents, therefore, contemplates the right of the adolescent to be treated with due respect for his dignity as a human being and at the same time to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“Due to these circumstances, this action is absolutely illegal and is not due to a practice that will favor access to justice for the victim’s relatives, therefore it is a merely propaganda activity, a need for the regime to ingratiate itself with the public opinion and instrumentalize an event that has shocked the entire Nicaraguan population, “says the lawyer.

Presentation of alleged murderers of two girls in Managua. Photo: Official media

Given this, he points out that “a guarantee of due process implies respect for the rights of the accused adolescent and ensuring access to justice for the victim’s relatives so that this crime is thoroughly investigated and punished by criminal justice. In any case, justice has to favor Nicaraguan society.”

This morning the Police showed the teenager along with his sister Alison Yahosca Salgado Rugama, 18, and Alfredo Antonio Lara Ortiz, 19, who are the main suspects in the case of the murder of both 7 and 10-year-old sisters who were found the Monday in a vacant lot after being reported missing by their relatives.

According to the institution’s report, the crime was committed in the home of the alleged femicides, house L-07, where a criminal investigation was carried out, revealing the presence of human blood in the living room and in the bedroom of the 16-year-old young man with the initials AESR. A piece of block and a piece of blue towel used to commit the crime were also found in the bedroom, the police said.

The victims had three months of having arrived in the capital. The family, of the Miskito ethnic group, is originally from the Walakitang community of Río Coco, in Wiwilí, department of Jinotega, and came to Managua in search of work. In Ciudad Belén they rented a house, the uncle of the minors recently said. The father and mother of the girls lived there, the two minors and their little brothers of 4 years and 11 months.

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The Police have not yet provided further details about the process that the adolescent will carry out, but so far it has carried the same conditions as both adults involved.

The father of the victims, 32 years old, is a soldier of the Nicaraguan Army Air Force and his partner and mother of the minors is a 24-year-old girl, confirmed the government spokesperson, Rosario Murillo. “And that the authors of this embarrassing, terrible act, confess their crime, their crime and be able to appear before the population and more so to the Public Ministry that is responsible for sentencing this brutality, with the full weight of the law,” declared the day before the illegitimate deputy president, who only promised an updated primer on women’s rights in the face of the increase in femicides.

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