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The accused of attacking the Vice President refused to testify

The accused of attacking the Vice President refused to testify

Photo: Raul Ferrari.

Fernando André Sabag Montiel, the person accused of having tried to assassinate the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner refused to testify before federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, who questioned her at the Federal Police headquarters on Cavia Street, according to judicial sources.

The accused He listened to the reading of the facts by the judicial officials and accused a blow to the eye that he would have received at the moment in which he was subdued by the demonstrators. that on Thursday gathered in front of the former president’s home, those close to the case stated.

For this reason, the official defense that assists the suspect requested that he be assisted by an ophthalmologist, and immediately refused to testify.

Photo Ral Ferrari
Photo: Raúl Ferrari.

the inquest

The magistrates moved from the federal courts of Retiro to the Federal Police premises in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, where the aggressor has been detained since last night.

Federal justice is investigating whether the accused Fernando André Sabag Montiel acted alone or if he was responding to someone else’s orders, reported judicial sources who confirmed that the weapon used was “fit for firing.”

Sabag Montiel, born in Brazil 35 years agois so far the only accused in the file labeled “attempted homicide”, although the investigators do not rule out any hypothesis.

Photo Ral Ferrari
Photo: Raul Ferrari.

The attack

The attack occurred on Thursday night when the Vice President greeted those who expressed their support for her at the door of her house, and the assailant pointed a civilian pistol at her head and fired twice without firing a shot.

During the first part of the investigation, the investigators tried to reconstruct the entire path of the accused until he came to stand a few meters from the former president, while, through a battery of tests, they try to determine “if he acted alone or with someone plus”.

Judge Capuchetti and prosecutor Rívolo They have already taken thirty testimonies, among which that of the former president herself stands out Fernández de Kirchner, who received them at his home and was able to reconstruct the events from his point of view, that of the victim.

The Vice President testified as a witness for almost 50 minutes in her apartment in Recoleta, she was “whole” and willing to testify about what happened last night; She “wanted to testify,” said those who accompanied her early.

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