“That was what Piñera did”: Governor of Antofagasta criticizes Monsalve for having excluded them from the regional council against organized crime

The governor of the Antofagasta Region made a harsh questioning to the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvewhom he blamed for the exclusion that the democratically elected authorities would have suffered in the formation of the “Regional Council against organized crime”, an instance in which the instruments aimed at combating the new mafias that are the protagonists of criminal acts in the area will be designed .

The governor Ricardo Diaz criticized the “central level” for not understanding “that it has to come with answers and answers that have to be articulated in a different way”, to the point that he saw parallels between the way the undersecretary acted and the way Sebastian’s government proceeded Piñera, who did not include governors and mayors in the design of his public security plans. “That’s what Piñera did, I don’t think the Boric government should act in the same way,” he asserted later.

“It seems to us that what they are doing from the central level does not correspond. The demand for greater security, and the denunciation of crime in our region has been increasing, and the central level does not understand that it has to come with answers, and answers that have to be articulated in a different way,” said the governor of the Antofagasta Region, in statements collected by Radio Biobío.

Díaz directly summoned Undersecretary Monsalve: “You cannot, Undersecretary Monsalve, act in the same way as the Piñera government did, acting behind the governors and mayors. You cannot come to this region to have a meeting without including those of us who know the territory, since what you are doing is the same as Piñera was doing.”

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