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“That was murder,” says the father of a young man who died in a Cuban police unit

MADRID, Spain.- Yoan Roque, father of the 18-year-old Cuban youth Aiser Roque Rivero, deceased on Sunday night while he was detained at a National Revolutionary Police (PNR) station in the city of Placetas, in the province of Villa Clara, he blamed the authorities of the police unit and described the act as murder.

After “The Page of Mauro Torres”, a State Security Facebook profile, said that the young man died because there was an attempt on his life, Yoan Roque assured that this explanation “is for the fool.”

“They said that he hanged himself with the lining of a mattress and that is false; there the mattresses are sponge and none have a lining. It was like 7:00 at night and the mattresses don’t come out until 10:00 at night. There are many lies, ”she denounced.

“That was murder and I blame the son of a bitch… the jailer and all those who were on duty who allowed him to be murdered because they are all guilty: some for participating and others for covering up what they did. An 18-year-old boy is not left alone in a cell,” adds the father, who also assures that Aiser Roque Rivero was “happy and above all very strong.”

His moving message also reads: “I have just buried a little person who is much more than my son, he is half of my heart, he is so many things that I cannot describe. Pain is what is left over. This will never end, everyone who has lost a child knows what it feels like and even more so when he is away that you cannot say a last goodbye except for a phone camera. I couldn’t give him a kiss or a hug, nothing ”.

This Tuesday, after revealing the death of the young man, the administrator of the Facebook group “Todos somos Placetas”, Yaquelín Abreu, who had shared the news, denounced that his family in Cuba was receiving threats from security agents “in an attempt to silence the truth.”

“Let it be known that my family is the people, I am not going to be intimidated and now prepare yourselves that I will go with everything and denounce all international organizations so that an investigation into said murder is opened,” said Abreu.

For her part, María Werlau, director of Archivo Cuba, an organization that compiles the deaths that occurred on the island in state custody, told Radio Television Martí that “many times the Cuban authorities report suicide, when it is evident that the person has been murdered by the authorities and it has become known through testimonies of other people who are in custody.”

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