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Texas Governor Sends Cuban Migrants to Philadelphia

MADRID, Spain.- A bus with 28 migrants, including several Cubans, was sent from Texas to Philadelphia by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

After more than 40 hours of travel, the bus, in which Colombians and Dominicans were also traveling, arrived in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Among the passengers was a ten-year-old girl who arrived with a fever and dehydrated, according to a report Univision.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he was taking these steps “to defend our state against invasion” and that he was directing the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Military Department “to use all available tools and strategies to fight the border crisis”.

“Until the Biden administration does its job and provides Texans and the American people with sustainable border security, Texas will continue to do more than any other state to defend against an invasion along the border,” stated.

As highlighted by Univisión, since April Texas has sent migrants to other cities “as a way to maximize exposure and campaign politically on the alleged inaction of the Joe Biden administration in the face of the large number of migrants crossing the southern border.”

The migrants who arrived in Philadelphia on Wednesday were received by pro-immigrant activists and non-profit organizations that provided them with water, food and temporary housing.

Helen Gym, a member of the Philadelphia City Council, quoted by Univisión, said: “In general, people feel relieved. We want you to know that you have a home here. (…) They are going to a place… where they are going to have comfortable and warm beds with a blanket and hot food. From there, we are going to work on the relocation.”

Just as he indicated that many of these people hope to meet with family or friends.

While Emilio Buitrago, from the non-profit organization Casa de Venezuela, considered: “The important thing is that they arrived in Philadelphia and were received with open arms.”

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