Terrible aggression in the middle of the match: coach hit the line judge with a header

World football is getting used to scenes of violence. The constant fights between the fans of the rival teams, disputes between players on the playing fields and even pitched battles in the stadiums, are the scenes that are beginning to make the news.

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The situation experienced in Queretaro recently it has not left as many reflections as it was thought. The framework of violence in the beautiful game continues to grow and the victims begin to be within the playing fields. Players, coaches and referees are the target of violent actions, even coming from other central actors in the matches.

The last thing happened in Capixaba Championship of Brazil with an unusual aggression that left the press and the Brazilian soccer environment speechless. Raphael Soriano, technician of the railway sports, assaulted Marciely Nettoline judge in her team’s match against the group of New Venice.

At halftime, the coach and several of his players approached the match judges to complain about various actions in the game. In the middle of the discussion, the DT he lost his temper and tried to headbutt him to the line assistant. However, the coach did not show much regret and pointed out that what the judge denounced was not true, despite the overwhelming video of the event.

“If you say I attacked you, We will go to the police station. We are going to commit a crime. If not, I’ll sue you, I’ll sue you. You’re saying I assaulted you. You lie. You are using it because you are a woman. You are trying to take advantage of a situation because you are a woman. To Gonzalo (Latorre) They cornered her, she pushed the players and now it means that she was assaulted. Lie”, said the DT in subsequent statements.

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For its part, Desportiva Ferroviária made the decision to fire the coach and added that it affirms its position against this type of situation: “The club repudiates all and any type of violence, whether physical, verbal, moral or emotional, mainly against women”. The investigation could have consequences for the coach, who may not return to coach for a long time.”

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