Plan B will affect the access of vulnerable groups to Congress, says the INE

TEPJF interferes in congressional decisions, deputies ratify

Fabiola Martínez and Alma E. Muñoz

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday March 5, 2023, p. 8

The Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies (Jucopo) has clashed on at least two occasions with the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) for considering that it transgresses the legal framework by interfering in decisions of Congress.

In the process of selecting four electoral advisers, it has issued rulings related to the call to comply with the principle of gender parity and so that the quintet of candidates for president of the National Electoral Institute is made up only of women.

The Citizen Movement case

Last year, the TEPJF ordered Jucopo to include Movimiento Ciudadano in the Permanent Commission. At the time, Morena in the Chamber of Deputies considered The sentence is untenable because it is unconstitutional and ambiguous. Its coordinator, Ignacio Mier, pointed out that the electoral body transgressed constitutional articles 50 to 79 with that instruction.

In the process of selecting directors, the Jucopo has pointed out that the court has transgressed the Constitution, while the magistrates of the higher chamber have highlighted, as their main arguments, that their resolution was not on their own initiative, but in response to the obligation to respond to a citizen trial.

They add that their analysis is based on constitutional precedents, since in 2014 parity in electoral matters was determined and in 2019 this precept was reinforced by the legislators themselves, by establishing full parity as part of our democratic system of government.

They recalled that this criterion has already been applied to designate the presidencies of the state electoral bodies in Chihuahua and the state of Mexico.

They also emphasize that their resolutions, as established by the Magna Carta, are final and unappealable.

The presiding magistrate, Reyes Rodríguez, has pointed out that the call was modified to integrate the quintet of candidates for the presidency of the electoral body only for women because it is justified that in this selection process there is gender alternation.

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