Temperatures drop ten degrees in Matagalpa as a result of the rains

Temperatures drop ten degrees in Matagalpa as a result of the rains

The heat of more than 30 degrees that suffocated the inhabitants of the city of Matagalpa has been appeased by the heavy rains reported in the last 24 hours.

The storm surprised all passers-by, workers, students, tourists and residents in general of the northern pearl yesterday Wednesday. Before the strong storm, a slight breeze began to fall and then suddenly paused, with no wind and no threat of anything greater in sight, but suddenly the breeze returned and little by little it gained strength to become a heavy downpour.

That morning, weather agencies such as the Observatory of Natural Phenomena (Ofena) and the Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter) forecast that for the north, center and Pacific parts of the country in the afternoon and at night there would be high chances of rain accompanied by of electrical storms and at least in Matagalpa, they were not wrong.

rain without damage

In a tour of the main points of the city where flash floods historically occur due to brief or prolonged torrential storms, we were able to verify that there was no damage related to the phenomenon, only the appearance of large accumulations of plastic garbage, poroplas, glass, shells of fruits, old tires and even tree trunks in areas such as Guanuca, the channel of the 5 de Junio ​​neighborhood, Yaguare, Apante and El Cementerio.

The heavy rain did not leave large volumes of mud and trash in areas where this debris has historically accumulated. Photo: VEL

In the same way, garbage accumulated on the banks of the ring road, that is, in the asphalt crescent that forms from the exit to Managua, south of Matagalpa. The same at the exit to Jinotega to the north and the exit to San Ramón to the northeast, a journey of at least 6 kilometers.

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With regard to the central avenues of the city, such as the eastern part of the Morazán park, the Bermúdez hotel and the south and north sides of the Darío park, there were no major problems of accumulation of mud, garbage and flooding in commercial premises. .

Heat drops to 22 degrees

One of the good things that this downpour left, according to the people of Matagalpa, is that it caused the temperature to drop considerably to 22 degrees. More rains with the same behavior are expected for the next few hours, so the call is always for prevention.

Independent doctors and doctors from the public health system recalled that with the rains respiratory diseases skyrocket, which mainly affects boys, girls, people with chronic conditions and the elderly.

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