Televisions and iPhones 11, Andrea Valdiri's gifts for the waiters and 10 of her followers who attended her wedding

Televisions and iPhones 11, Andrea Valdiri’s gifts for the waiters and 10 of her followers who attended her wedding

Andrea Valdiri and Andrés Felipe Saruma at their wedding party.

The influencer surprised those who attended her guests.

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These days, the marriage of Andrea Valdiri and Andrés Felipe Saruma in the city of Barranquilla is one of the most talked about social media trends in Colombia.

Some details of the wedding held last Saturday, April 16 at the Hotel El Prado, an architectural jewel in the Atlantic capital, are still appreciated by both the dancer’s followers and those of the Santanderean audiovisual producer.

One of them, a gesture that the married couple had towards the hotel waiters who served their more than 100 guests all night.

Saruma and Valdiri presented 42-inch televisions and iPhone 11 cell phones to each and every one of those who were working that night, serving dinner and drinks to guests.

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Andrea recognized these people in the middle of her wedding and made them go up to the stage. With microphone in hand, the woman from Barranquilla gave them the equipment and thanked her for all her help during the evening.

«With love for you. Little but we put our hearts into it », Andrea told the collaborators who were all night attending to her guests.

For their part, the waiters were very grateful for this detail from the hostess:

Meanwhile, each follower of the 10 who had the privilege of attending the Barranquilla’s wedding received an iPhone 11 from the newlyweds.

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In images, the fans of the Barranquilla are very happy for this gift. Among them stands out “The 100ft” an influencer from La Dorada, Caldas, who is an example of life and improvement since despite his disability he has come out ahead in the world of entertainment through humorous videos.

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