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Television: Tahimi Alvariño joins the staff of the humorous Vivir del Cuento

It needs no introduction. His career speaks louder than any term used to try to summarize his qualities on the scene. Tahimi Alvariño is, without a doubt, one of the great Cuban actresses of recent decades and several memorable performances prove it.

Now the 53-year-old actress will begin a new stage in her career with the incorporation of the humorous Live the storywhose new chapters are about to go on air.

Tahimi, daughter of the also outstanding actress Coralia Veloz, has worked for more than three decades in several of the most important Cuban films, soap operas and dramas.

Among the films in which he has shown his talent are Waiting list Y The horn of plenty. Telenovelas also give proof of this. To the beat of the sound, Forbidden Destination and the remake of roses on creditamong other.

Many Cubans remember her for her role in Waiting listwhere he starred in a memorable scene with Jorge Perugorría, who played a supposedly blind man who used tricks to trick people.

In the film by director Juan Carlos Tabío, and with the participation of other prominent actors such as Vladimir Cruz, he gave life to a young woman who, along with other passengers, is stranded in a provincial bus terminal where they hope to return to Havana.

“Making the Waiting List, when my character finds out that Pichi (Jorge Perugorría) is not blind, she goes and slaps him. That part was not rehearsed and it got out of hand. I gave Pichi a tremendous slap, and he was very upset, ”the talented actress recalled on one occasion.

Tahimi Alvariño’s career is divided between Cuba and Colombia, a country where she has had a significant presence in soap operas and other television spots. In recent years she returned to Cuba and successfully continues her career in dramatized and various national television programs, with the skill and acting quality that historically mark her staging.

His performances have received laudatory reviews from the specialized press due to the veracity that he imprints on the characters, for his charisma and naturalness of artistic performance.

The program Live the story He has been off the air for several months due to several COVID-19 infections among his team, and due to production-related issues, as well.

Living from the story: one more bridge between Cuba and the United States

Luis Silva, who plays the very popular character of Pánfilo, announced in recent days that new chapters were being recorded for the return of the program to its prime time, on Mondays on the Cubavisión channel, on Cuban television.

The humorous has suffered, since its creation in 2008, the casualties of popular actors who were members of the original cast, such as Olivia Manrufo, Andy Vázquez and Omar Franco, while it has been able to preserve the line full of picaresque and double meaning when addressing different topics in conflict of the Cuban reality.

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