Telephone operators, CTM and CROM urge to maintain union unity for the defense of collective contracts

Telephone operators, CTM and CROM urge to maintain union unity for the defense of collective contracts

Gathered at the headquarters of the Union of Telephone Operators of the Mexican Republic (STRM), representatives of other trade unions such as the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM) and the Regional Mexican Workers Confederation (CHROME) agreed on the need to maintain the unity of the country’s labor movement for the defense of collective contracts.

After recounting the strike that the telephone operators broke out on July 21, Francisco Hernandez Juarezsecretary general of the STRM, explained that the subject of pensions and the almost 2,000 vacancies that Mexico Phones (Telmex) has not covered, they are the substantive issue that must be defended as part of the collective contract for telephone operators.

Subsequently, Fernando Salgado, substitute general secretary of the CTM made a call to the union organizations that “beyond acronyms, symbols, trends, preferences, we need the unity of the labor movement because we have not seen, there is not, they do not understand from the spheres of power, the importance of strength of the workers in Mexico”.

In that sense, he said, “there is brutal interference from the United States to review our contracts in the automotive industry, in particular, to send us to the INEto inspectors, to observers, to independent observers, to be in a defenseless state”.

Today, with a new law, Salgado added, “it seems to me that the telephone operators’ strike is, and should be, a starting point for the labor movement”.

He stressed that the interference of the Americans “should not impose on us to raise the flag of labor sovereignty, because they, nor any union over there, no matter how supportive it may seem, has shown solidarity with our colleagues in many workplaces.

In turn, Rodolfo González Guzmán, union leader of the CHROMEIn addition to agreeing on the need to work on a common agenda, in defense of the labor movement, he recognized that in this administration there is respect for the strike of this government; however, “we are in a government that has not listened to us. We have not had an audience,” he said.

The Telephone Operators Unionexplained González, “it is a benchmark of struggle to follow, in our case we are going to contribute our efforts to fight alongside you.”


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