Telcor elimina señal de CNN en Español porque su contenido «contraviene, vulnera y lesiona las normas jurídicas» del país

Telcor says it removed CNN en Español from the cable for “violating and injuring the legal norms” of Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (Telcor), controlled by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, argued that the decision to eliminate the cable signal of the international chain CNN en Español is because its content “contravenes, violates and harms the legal norms» of Nicaragua.

In a statement, the state entity says that “in its capacity as a decentralized entity of the State of Nicaragua, in compliance with its functions and powers conferred by the Law (…), it is obliged to ensure the protection, defense and preservation of the principles, rights and guarantees established in our Political Constitution and other laws on the matter.

“Based on the foregoing and since it has been verified that the content transmitted by the “CNN en Español” channel through the subscription television network of its client, contravenes, violates and damages the aforementioned legal regulations, therefore , they are ordered to immediately withdraw said channel from the grids of channels authorized by this regulatory entity to its represented”, alleged the Telcor.

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On Wednesday night, September 21, the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship ordered the elimination of the CNN en Español signal, which was broadcast on the different cable companies in Nicaragua, after 25 years operating in the country.

Telcor says it removed CNN en Español from the cable for "violating and injuring the legal norms" of Nicaragua

“The Nicaraguan government took our television signal off the air, denying Nicaraguans news and information from a network they have trusted for 25 years,” journalist and presenter Fernando del Rincón denounced.

The television outlet stressed that for them freedom of the press plays a vital role in a healthy democracy, for which it promised to continue with its responsibility to inform the Nicaraguan public through the digital platforms of“so that they can have access to information that is not otherwise available.”

“Nicaraguan viewers will also be able to see our signal through the CNN en Español YouTube channel», invited the American chain.

The censorship of this medium is added to the closure of some twenty religious and community radio stations, as well as local television media, which the Ortega dictatorship, through Telcor, has ordered taken off the air in recent months in Nicaragua.

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