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Two new transplants, one of the corneas and the other of the kidneys, were performed on Friday in the operating rooms of the Hospital de Clínicas. Everything was possible thanks to the great solidarity gesture of people who lost their relatives and donated their organs.

Dr. Orlando Oviedo commented that they performed the third corneal transplant of the year a 47-year-old patient, who had been on the waiting list for five years and, this time, the right eye was benefited, because his disease, mucopolysaccharidosis, left him with Bilateral blindness for two years.


He explained that the Mucopolysaccharidosis is a metabolic pathology It affects practically all the organs of the body, but at the ocular level it produces damage mainly at the corneal level. He explained that the corneawhich is the transparent part of the eye, which progressively produces opacities, decreasing bilateral visual capacity.

He stressed that they made the right eye which is the one with the best visual prognosis, and a special type of transplant was performed, in which the opacified part is extracted and not the full thickness of the cornea.

The procedure is called deep anterior lamellar keratoplastywhich he said guarantees that the graft itself lasts longer, in addition to reducing the possibility of rejection of the transplant, with which the patient’s quality of life will improve.

In turn, he thanked the relatives of a deceased patient who donated his organs, affirming that this action is an act of love that we need so much. On the other hand, he highlighted that the relatives of the transplanted patient moved from the moment they found out that they had the organ available.

currently have 33 patients on the waiting list. He stated that they have all the availability to perform more procedures but that they require more corneal donors.

Kidney transplant

On the other hand, Dr. Norma Arévalos, a nephrologist from the transplant team at the Hospital de Clínicas, reported that a new kidney transplant was performed last Friday, the number 155since the reactivation of the Organ and Tissue Transplant Program in 2014.

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The 53 year old cadaveric donor it was possible to procure at the Medical Emergency Hospital, and the recipient is 61 years old, from Luque.

The beneficiary is a person diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritisbecause he had a urinary infection repeatedly and damaged the kidney.

For this reason, he had to start hemodialysis treatment in Medical Emergencies since April 2017, five years ago, and some time ago he had to undergo a transplant with a niece, but it could not be, so he had entered the waiting list.

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