"Blessing" of Lugo will only be for the unity of the Guasu Front, affirms Euclides

Tekojoja is half of the Guasu Front and is with Euclides, they say

Senator Sixto Pereira criticized Luis Paciello for posing as a spokesman for Fernando Lugo, establishing political positions on his behalf. He considered that, since the ex-bishop suffered a stroke, no one can or should speak for him.

Former President Fernando Lugo, handicapped by neurological problems, has not spoken again about the April 30 elections since last August 10, when he suffered a stroke in Congress.

The Guasu Front, the party he founded, is currently divided between the candidacy of Euclides Acevedo and that of the Concertación with Efraín Alegre. The supposed son-in-law, Luis Paciello, called himself a spokesman and fortune teller of Lugo’s thoughts, to the point that he goes out to communicate positions on his behalf.

However, since Tekojoja, another of the opposition parties that accompanies Euclid, Senator Sixto Pereira said that, pOut of a sense of humanity, they do not use the name of Fernando Lugo in the campaign.

“Political organizations must trust the structures they have and not be dependent on Lugo, that is what this boy (Paciello) wants to confuse, Lugo is not from the First Homeland, He fell into disgrace and from there, no one can speak on his behalf.” Pereira commented, in an interview with Radio Uno.

He recalled that, at the beginning of the conversations at the table of presidents of the Concertación, A country project was sought, however, an agreement was not reached, for which reason they withdrew from the Concertación.

“Yesterday I went to visit compañero Lugo, we were talking about anything except political issues,” Pereira commented.

His statements are due to a new announcement made by Pacciello via Twitter, where he “clarifies” that Fernando Lugo gives his political support to the Concertación.

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