Adolescente perdió la vida mientras le hacían una cesárea en Hato Mayor

Teenager lost his life while having a cesarean section in Hato Mayor

A teenager lost her life this Thursday night while undergoing a cesarean section at the Dr. Leopoldo Martínez hospital in Hato Mayor.

According to the data, the creature was born at approximately 9 pounds and was released to its relatives. The deceased young woman responded to the name of Silvana Yan Zorrilla (Lorena), 17 years old.

According to relatives, the young woman arrived at the health center in good condition. “The only thing she had was that she was throwing out liquid,” said one of the deceased’s aunts.

So far the health center has not provided information on what happened, nor the cause of death of the parturient.

Dozens of Lorena’s relatives, friends and acquaintances came to the front of the medical center, asking for an explanation of what happened, but the hospital management refused to give details.

In addition, several police patrols came to maintain order in case it got out of control, since many people were conglomerating at the entrance and feared reprisals.

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