Court issued a custodial sentence against four policemen

Teenager created false profiles and disclosed sexual videos of minors

Officials of the Coordination Center of the Municipal Police of Cristóbal Rojas in the state of Miranda arrested an adolescent for violating the Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, after creating several profiles on Facebook where he disclosed videos with sexual content of girls and adolescents. whom he blackmailed.

The incident occurred in the Los Maceros sector of the Old Cemetery in Charallave, Miranda state.

Commissioner Julio Sotillo, director of the security agency, indicated that thanks to the complaint of one of the minors, the investigation of the fact began. The victim was the one who alerted the false profile and the Facebook chats with the threats of audiovisual sexual content.

The officers then launched an investigation that has led to the identification and judicial intervention of the user’s account used to contact other minors with indecent propositions.

He stressed that the investigated minor -in the company of his parent- appeared at the Department of Protection of Children and Adolescents of this police force, fulfilling the summons issued last Wednesday 05/18/2022.

He explained that the teenager, who is 17 years old, was being investigated for having created false profiles on Facebook, in order to threaten and blackmail several of his contacts on this social network, so that they would send him videos with pornographic content.

«Once having held a conversation with the young man under investigation, he admitted to being the creator of fake Facebook and the broadcast of messages on this social network. He also admitted having threatened one of his victims, a teenager, who has a special condition, “said the commissioner.

Sotillo stated that the person under investigation provided the password for the Facebook account used to commit the crimes and the officials verified all the information provided by the victim.

«The fake profile intervened in the Facebook social network had been created and managed from the same IP address, internet protocol that logically and unequivocally identifies a single computer device. That allowed us to move forward in the investigation,” the commissioner clarified.

The officers proceeded to read him his constitutional rights protected by article No. 654 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents. Similarly, they carried out a physical inspection of the young detainee, protected by article No. 191 of the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure (COP) without finding any object of criminal interest.

Sotillo added that the teenager was transferred to the Dr. Ramón Figuera Hospital, where the doctor on duty issued the medical report.

The procedure was notified to the Seventeenth Prosecutor of the Public Ministry, which ordered the preparation of the file under the internal nomenclature A-000.2377/2022, for one of the crimes contemplated in the Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Lopnna).

Sotillo reported that with the arrest of this teenager there are four minors (male) arrested for these sexual crimes in the Charallave jurisdiction.

He warned that the Municipal Police of Cristóbal Rojas is active to arrest people who commit sexual crimes and physical, psychological and verbal violence towards children, adolescents and women.

“It is essential to keep computers updated and protected to prevent file theft; and never give in to the stalker’s blackmail,” the official said.

He recalled the importance of educating children and adolescents regarding safe ways to open accounts on social networks and surf the web. She insisted that parents and representatives have a duty to be more vigilant and check minors’ publications on social networks and cell phones.

“In such a case that there is any harassment, intimidation on the Internet or another crime, we invite the victim to request the help of an adult or adult, so that they go to a security agency in case they are being vulnerable,” Sotillo said.

He advised adolescents to avoid being a victim of grooming and other crimes such as sextortion or cyber scams. He exhorted children and adolescents not to provide or share private or compromising images through social networks.

“From the Department for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, and the Victim Assistance Unit, we will enforce the Laws for the protection and protection of minors and women,” said the commissioner.

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