technological coup

technological coup

Silicon Valley or Silicon Valley is not one of the spaces in the US where security, calm and everything that makes a long-awaited place to live or work shine. It is a place of challenges. With ups and downs, although it has become a benchmark for technological creations over the years, it is still a space where human beings meet, which means that it is not free of imperfections, even if products are made and developed that mean a large income of foreign currency for their creators and partners of the venture. It is also the benchmark for loud and expensive flops.

What now calls the attention of this place is that lThe tech industry’s hype machine is always trumpeting a new “genius,” and it hasn’t learned its lesson yet.

It is not just any valley in the world, but rather a place where Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google were born, which are listed on the stock market among the most important companies due to their good position and constant production of applications and products that conquer the consumer market. of technology.

Today, when virtual currency or bitcoin has begun to gain an important place on the financial agenda, there is also talk of its failure or of errors that would imply using this money, which already has referents imprisoned and having difficult times in the crest of the media wave that is the bitcoin currency.

Hard hit

The December 12th Disgraced cryptocurrency founder Sam Bankman-Fried has been arrested on fraud charges in the Bahamas, marking a dramatic end to his reign as head of now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. His arrest occurred few weeks after former Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to over 11 years in prison on similar charges. Many pointed to the obvious similarities: Each founder was considered a Silicon Valley wunderkind and drew media acclaim and millions of dollars in investment before a spectacular fall from grace.

Stories how those described are already part of the well-known series of silicon ventures that do not have the necessary strength to sustain themselves and move forward as successful companies that do not end up laying off a large number of employees due to personal whims and continue to prosper with work and innovations for the market that is the one that sustains them.

And it always deserves attention, care and respect from the creators, bosses and all the staff who from the silicon valley are thinking and launching the world from headphones to operating system platforms for our devices and whose life experience is neither is tagged with the happy face we use as emoji on our phones for having many workers rethink their careers realizing that maybe those high-paying jobs weren’t what they really wanted. Now Big Tech is experiencing a mass exodus of employees fed up with stress and burnout.

Some return to the home office where they not only program but have their gardens and dedicate their time to the production of handmade items that are later offered and sold, in the old school style of our grandparents.

That fortunately they have not come to suffer these mental crises in their youth and have put their energy into taking care of themselves and not so much into worrying or taking to the extreme the problems and crises of their enterprises, which are common cases in California.

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