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Tebet and Lula meet to close support in the second round

Presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) met publicly this Friday (7th), in São Paulo, to seal support for the second round and make a statement to the press. . The senator finished third in the presidential race, with 4.2% of valid votes, nearly 5 million votes cast. The support had already been announced on Wednesday (5)but it was their first public appearance together on the same project.Tebet and Lula meet to close support in the second round

“We have our political differences, we have our economic differences, but they are infinitely smaller than what unites us. What unites us is our deepest love for Brazil, our unconditional respect for democracy, the values ​​and principles established in the Constitution” , said Tebet in his speech.

She also took the opportunity to announce that all her proposals presented as conditions to support Lula in the second round had been accepted by the PT campaign. “Today, I am here, very happy to say that President Lula, his economic team of advisors, have just received and incorporated all the suggestions we made in our government program into his government program. With that, what are we saying? this is where we think the same way about the Brazil we want”.

Tebet’s proposals include federal government support for municipalities to eliminate lines in early childhood education for children aged 3 to 5 years old so that states implement full-time technical secondary education; support from the federal government to eliminate the queue of consultations and elective surgeries and solutions for the indebtedness of families earning up to three minimum wages. The senator also proposed that, if elected, Lula sanction a law to equalize salaries between men and women who perform, with similar curriculum, the same functions, and appoint a plural ministry formed by men, women, people with disabilities and black men and women.

“The proposal that you presented to my proposal for a government plan is totally assimilable, and you can be sure that we will put it into practice, and I hope that you will be together to help carry out each of these things that you propose”, said Lula, after Tebet’s pronouncement.

The former president, who seeks a third term at the head of the federal government, praised the performance of Simone Tebet during the first round, highlighting the representation that she has awakened in women. “It was not predictable, in the logic of political scholars, that a woman from Mato Grosso do Sul, from Três Lagoas, would appear as a candidate for President of the Republic, and who had such a profound mark of seriousness and responsibility, I think that, few times, Brazilian women have been so proud to see someone in front of a television defending their problems, facing their tormentors, as equals, and sometimes with much more clarity than their opponents. I think Brazil won and women won with their campaign,” Lula said.


Simone Tebet stated that she will work directly with Lula’s campaign in the coming weeks, whenever requested. “I’m already on the campaign, I’ll be wherever the campaign needs me, within my humble smallness, but knowing my greatness as a woman”, she emphasized, remembering that she has already appeared in the mandatory electoral propaganda on radio and television, which was resumed this Friday. -fair.

“We have a campaign, part of it will be on television, another part will be on the street, and we have some states that we need to visit,” added Lula, stressing the intention to visit all the states where there will be a run-off for governor. “And there have to be debates. And we’re going to have debates,” she assured.

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