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School bullying is not only cruel and painful, but it can also be dangerous for the physical and psychological integrity of a student.

School bullying implies aggression, whether physical, verbal, emotional or social to children or adolescents repeatedly and systematically by a classmate or group of students; damaging the self-esteem and morale of the harassed person, who feels less and less capable of facing her reality. It must be taken into account that harassment can last a long time, even years, and generate marks, traces on those who suffer from it.

In this sense, Ms. Mirtha Maldonado, a professional from the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Medical Sciences UNA, explained that in bullying, the objective is to intimidate, control and impose power over the other, that is why it is important to understand that we are faced with a situation in which we must look at all the characteristics that make that boy, girl or adolescent and that clearly make him vulnerable. It has to do with the trait of intimidating the other, of making him feel that he has superiority based on fear, “That is why bullying is very painful, as there is a lot of fear, suffering, damage, which directly attacks morale, self-esteem, which damages the child’s behavior”.

He mentioned that bullying should not be overlooked, because there are changes in the student’s behavior and that is observed, for example, by not wanting to attend school, when he begins to have pain, to somatize. “Pay attention to those changes. The child or adolescent may be sad, down, act defensive, not go out for recess, seek to be alone at all times. School bullying is social isolation and it can be more and more severe, because the boy or girl has the mantle that he or she is being harassed, so no one gets together with him or her”, pointed out the professional.

The cause of bullying is to impose, but why does a child or adolescent adopt that position? The professional stated that there may be several reasons, such as that child who is acting as a bully with another child or group, has also suffered harassment or is experiencing complicated situations in the family and that this is a way of reproducing violent behavior with another of less force. both physical and emotional.

As bullying is hard, it is not enough to take repressive measures such as reprimands or threats of expulsion from school, because that does not stop bullying. “There must be an institutional plan that aims to attack the problem, as it is a difficulty of school coexistence that affects not only the person who suffers, but also the classmates who see what is happening and suffer in silence and do not intervene. for fear of retaliation”.

It is important that educational institutions take measures to repair the situation and that this girl, boy or adolescent can build their group of belonging, of affection, of bond and not take measures, which in many cases falls on the victim, by being changed from institution.

“A work plan must be taken firmly, serenely and work with children of all ages to identify bullying, mistreatment or sexual abuse. There are many educational materials that educational institutions can use and conduct group talks with students and, accordingly, motivate them to take out indicators. Also carry out individual work, conduct interviews with parents, with peers and unleash the power held by the young person or child who is being a harasser and acting violently. Also work on empathy and foster healthy relationships, cooperation, help “, recommended.

The school trajectory is important for the life and mental health of a child or adolescent. “And when that school trajectory is marked by violence or bullying and the inaction of the authorities, they can leave deep marks”indicated the psychologist.

Finally, he mentioned that a component that is always present is to maintain silence when there are threats. School bullying is not only cruel and painful, but it can also be dangerous for the physical and psychological integrity of a student.

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