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Teacher is murdered at the school where she worked: femicide number 30 in Cuba

CDMX, Mexico. — Yesterday morning, May 25, Daniela Thalia Tasse Arias was finalized through the use of a knife by his partner. The femicide occurred at the Luis Marcano school, in Bayamo, Granma.

As confirmed to CubaNet, on condition of anonymity, a neighbor of the educational center, the aggressor went to the school and asked him to accompany him to talk. “When they moved a bit away from the students, he attacked her multiple times. Everything was just a few meters from her co-workers and students. The boys saw it all.”

The attacker, Franci Espinoza Rodríguez, had a history of violence and hit Tasse Arias frequently, adds the neighbor.

The source comments that the school was immediately intervened by the police who cordoned off the outside area. “When the parents found out, they immediately went to pick up their children because they were very scared. Today it remains closed and we do not know when classes will resume.

A friend of the victim confirmed to the outlet that Daniela was pregnant. “She was just over three months old and she was determined to have it,” said the relative, who asked to keep her identity.

This May 26, YoSíTeCreo in Cuba confirmed the femicide of 60-year-old Tomasa, “who as far as we have been able to go could be of the last name Vargas,” the platform detailed. The murder occurred in the early morning of May 24, in Luyanó, Havana. The woman was assaulted by her partner.

With these two gender-related murders, the registered femicides in Cuba rise to 30 in just five months. This represents 83 percent of confirmed femicides during 2022.

These figures hardly constitute an underreporting: we do not know how many women have died from gender-related issues. The Government does not make the statistics transparent nor does it tell the stories of the victims.

Currently, in the 15 provinces of the country, at least one femicide has been reported this year.

Of the 30 women killed, 27 lost their lives at the hands of men they knew. In most cases, the perpetrators were men they trusted, who had been or were their partners.

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