TCU gives Caixa 24 hours to explain Auxílio Brasil consignment

TCU gives Caixa 24 hours to explain Auxílio Brasil consignment

In the next 24 hours, Caixa Econômica Federal must provide clarifications to the Federal Audit Court (TCU) on the payroll deductible credit lines Brazil aid. The decision was made by Minister Aroldo Cedraz, who instructed the bank to suspend the loans until the end of the analysis of the documents.TCU gives Caixa 24 hours to explain Auxílio Brasil consignment

“As of the knowledge of this order, prior to the decision as to whether or not to grant the [medida] precautionary measure, without prejudice to the fact that Caixa, out of prudence, immediately ceases the release of new amounts from loans in this modality as a measure of zeal with the public interest, until this Court examines the documentation to be forwarded”, wrote Cedraz in the order. .

Cedraz’s guidance has no binding effect. Caixa needs to send the documents within 24 hours, but it can, if it wants, continue to operate the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. The suspension, therefore, will be at the discretion of the bank.

According to Cedraz, the 24-hour period starts counting from the date of dispatch, that is, when the Caixa is officially notified. According to the minister, the volume of loans already granted and the speed of credit release justified the reduction of the term, traditionally in five working days.

Among the documents that Caixa must forward to the TCU are opinions, technical notes, resolutions and collegiate decisions that deal with pricing, concession criteria, interest rates, profitability, expected default, approval of the credit line related to payroll-deductible credit for beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil and risk management associated with the operation.


In the order, Cedraz clarified that it is not up to the TCU to analyze the electoral effects of the consigned credit of Auxílio Brasil, as the Public Ministry of Accounts had denounced. The minister claimed to have forwarded a copy of the case to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for analysis.

According to Cedraz, the TCU can only assess possible irregularities in Caixa’s internal management. The agency analyzes whether the bank failed to observe operational procedures or to carry out essential risk analyzes prior to the decision to offer the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan.

understand the case

On the 18th, the Public Ministry of Accounts that works with the TCU asked for the suspension of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. According to the representation, made by deputy attorney Lucas Furtado, there would be indications of deviation from the purely electoral purpose and objective in the credit line, with possible losses for Caixa and the public coffers. He asked for the granting of a precautionary measure to suspend new operations until the TCU finishes analyzing the case.

According to the TCU system, Caixa received notification of the order shortly before 7 pm. So far, the bank has not commented. From 6:00 pm on Friday (21) to 7:00 am today (24), the granting of payroll-deductible loans from Auxílio Brasil was suspended. According to the bank, this was due to the need for technical maintenance in the system.

Article updated at 7:18 pm to add that Caixa received notification of the TCU dispatch shortly before 7:00 pm and has not yet responded.

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