TCU analyzes federal government accounts for 2021

The Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) is considering today (29) the accounts of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, for the year 2021. The rapporteur of the case, Minister Aroldo Cedraz, began to read a summary of his report, as well as your vote, close to 10:30.TCU analyzes federal government accounts for 2021TCU analyzes federal government accounts for 2021

“Out of respect for everyone’s time, I will bring a summary proposal of my report and vote and I will read it dynamically, without naturally harming the transparency that I seek to ensure to the publication that I have made, in advance, within the court systems. to make known my report and vote”, anticipated Cedraz shortly after the opening of the extraordinary session, explaining that he has already made available to the other ministers a copy of the opinion prepared by the Secretariat of Governmental Macroevaluation (Semag/TCU).

The technical and legal analysis of presidential objections must be carried out annually, within sixty days of receiving the aforementioned information on public expenditures. Among the documents examined to verify whether the operations carried out followed the accounting principles applied to the federal public administration are the Federal Accounting Statements and the report on budget execution, including the percentages of mandatory investments and the execution of parliamentary amendments, among other aspects. .

Once the appraisal is concluded and a conclusive preliminary opinion is issued, indicating whether the balance sheets adequately present the financial, budgetary and equity position of the Union up to December 31 of the year under analysis, the TCU forwards the conclusions to the National Congress, which is responsible for judging them. .

“The opinion in question must be conclusive and indicate whether the accounts provided adequately represent the financial, budgetary, accounting and equity positions and whether the constitutional, legal and regulatory norms were observed in the execution of budgets and other operations with federal public resources[tothethroughout2021”highlightedCedraz[aolongode2021”destacouCedraz

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