Taxi Driver Assistance begins to be paid with a double installment

About 245,000 taxi drivers receive today (16) the first two installments of the Taxist Aid, an emergency benefit to compensate for the increase in fuel prices this year. As each installment is equivalent to R$ 1 thousand, each driver will receive R$ 2 thousand this month.Taxi Driver Assistance begins to be paid with a double installmentTaxi Driver Assistance begins to be paid with a double installment

The money will be deposited in digital social savings accounts and can be moved through the Caixa Tem app, which allows purchases in registered virtual stores, payment of household bills and transfer to any bank account. The beneficiary will need to move the funds within 90 days after the deposit. Otherwise, the money will return to the Union’s cashier.

created by constitutional amendment which created a state of emergency because of the high price of fuel, the Taxi Driver Assistance will be paid until December. The amendment increased social benefits and instituted emergency aid until the end of the year.

On the 30th, there will be a repechage to pay the first two installments to the municipalities that sent the taxi drivers’ registration from August 5th to yesterday (15th). According to Dataprev, the state-owned company that processes the list of beneficiaries, city halls have included more than 25,000 taxi drivers who are having their data analyzed to verify if they are able to receive the aid.

Initially, the government had informed that the final amount of each installment would depend on the number of taxi drivers who demanded the benefit. However, as the number was within the forecast, the first two installments will have a value of R$ 1 thousand each.

who is entitled

Taxi drivers registered with city halls, holders of concessions or permits issued by May 31, are entitled to the benefit. No action by taxi drivers will be required. In case of doubt, the driver should contact the city hall to verify the municipal register. The provision of information will be entirely up to the city halls (or the government of the Federal District, in the case of the federal capital).

City halls will have another chance, from August 20 to September 11, to submit the data. In this case, the payment will begin in the third installment, without the right to retroactive amounts. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security, however, does not rule out the possibility of extending the deadline, if necessary.

Truck Driver Assistance

Another benefit introduced by the constitutional amendment, Auxílio Caminhoneiro began to be paid on the 9th, with self-employed cargo drivers receiving the first two installments at once. The second installment will be paid on September 24.

Autonomous cargo carriers registered in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTR-C), of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), until May 31 of this year, can receive the Trucker Aid. Professionals must have a valid National Driver’s License (CNH) and CPF, among other requirements.

Also called Emergency Truck Driver Benefit (BEm-Caminhoneiro), the aid will be paid to each autonomous carrier, regardless of the number of vehicles they have. The payment of the BEm-Caminhoneiro will be reviewed monthly. For the next batches of payment, ANTT will forward to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security the list of autonomous cargo carriers that are in the “active” situation in the RNTR-C.

Anyone with a “pending” or “suspended” registration status can regularize the registration with ANTT and receive the installments from the date of regularization. However, the government clarifies that it will not be entitled to installments that have been paid.


As with the Taxist Assistance, there will be a repechage of the first two installments of the Truck Driver Assistance. Yesterday began the deadline for autonomous cargo carriers (TAC) to make the Self-Declaration of the Registration Term to receive the BEm Caminhoneiro-TAC. Anyone who completes the procedure by August 29 will receive the first two installments on September 6.

The self-declaration can be made by the Portal Employs Brazil or through the Digital Work Card application. After this period, truck drivers will only be entitled to receive the benefit from the month in which the self-declaration is made, provided that the other legal requirements are met. In this case, no retroactive payment will be made.

Taxi Assistance Calendar 2022
Installment Payment date
1st and 2nd installments 8/16
1st and 2nd installments (recap) 8/30
3rd installment 9/24
4th installment 10/22
5th installment 11/26
6th installment 12/17

Trucker Allowance Calendar 2022
Installment Payment date Active registration or self-declaration
July and August 9/8 (double value) until 22/7
July and August (recap) 6/9 (double value) until 29/8
September 9/24 to 9/11
October 10/22 to 10/9
November 11/26 to 11/13
December 12/17 to 12/4

Source: Caixa Econômica Federal

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