Federal collection reaches R$ 205.47 billion in October

Taxes paid by Brazilians in 2022 exceed BRL 2.8 trillion

Taxes paid by Brazilian taxpayers across the country in 2022 totaled BRL 2,890,489,835,290.32, according to the Impostômetro, a panel installed by the Commercial Association of São Paulo (ACSP) in the central region of the capital of São Paulo. In 2021, the same panel recorded approximately BRL 2.6 trillion, an increase of 11.5% from one year to the next.Taxes paid by Brazilians in 2022 exceed BRL 2.8 trillion

The amount is the sum of the amount collected by the federal, state and municipal governments, including fees, contributions, fines, interest and monetary correction.

“The advance in 2022 was due to the higher collection of federal taxes, despite the exemptions promoted by the government, as was the case for fuel, electricity and telecommunications. And we still had inflation at high levels, which makes products and services more expensive”, said the economist from the Gastão Vidigal Institute of ACSP, Ulisses Ruiz de Gamboa.

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