Tax Powers Coordination Law came to put order

The president of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, stressed that the recently approved Organic Law for the Coordination and Harmonization of the Tax Powers of the States and Municipalities is an instrument that came to bring order as demanded by the inhabitants of small cities in the country.

“That there be order in what has to do with municipal, state and national taxes,” Rodríguez said this Wednesday at a press conference from the Federal Legislative Palace, headquarters of the AN.

He recalled that “the national government has the rectory in matters of taxes (…) on all taxes that are collected throughout the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. But the Constitution also establishes tax powers to state governors, regional Legislative Councils; to the municipal mayor’s offices and to the municipal councillors”.

disorder and injustices

The head of the Legislative Branch acknowledged that, in conversations with businessmen, small merchants and ordinary people, “a lot of disorder” and “injustices” were evidenced.

He exemplified that in a Venezuelan Mayor’s Office, without specifying which one, young people who graduated from high school were charged. “If they charge you for obtaining a bachelor’s degree, which is totally illegal, in one place and in another they do not charge you, of course we are in a situation of injustice towards people.”

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