Tax officials denounce that the DGI continues to name charges of $ 220,000

Tax officials denounce that the DGI continues to name charges of $ 220,000


The Tax workers denounced that the Directorate of the DGI “does not comply with current legal regulations (article 291, Law 18,719 of the National Budget), referring to the appointment of officials in charge of the Tax department.

Likewise, they denounce that the DGI “does not comply with the current collective agreement”, signed between the union and the board of directors at the Ministry of Labor in June 2018, in which a competition schedule was established, which the Directorate does not respect.

“In 2019, DGI made the call for competition for more than 100 commissions; However, the current Directorate, in more than two years of management, did not make any progress in these calls, it did not even convene the Court to start making the competitions effective with the clear intention that they not be carried out, ”said the union through of a statement.

Against the principles of good faith

In the face of complaints made by the Association of Tax Officials, in March 2022, after the intervention of the National Directorate of Labor and the Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFE), a space for bipartite exchange was created between AFI and the DGI, which one of the issues that the Ministry of Labor determined should be dealt with, was the one referred to the order competitions.

Despite the existence of this area, “without any prior communication to the union, the Directorate made the appointments, which violates the principles of good faith between the parties, in addition to breaching current laws, resolutions and agreements.”

In this sense, the Association of Officials claimed the “transparent and responsible use of public funds and equal opportunities for access to positions”, and urged the Directorate of DGI to carry out commissioning contests.

“We only demand compliance with the Law,” the Association said in a statement.

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