Tax discounts for Magna add up to 7.38 pesos and 10.75 pesos for diesel

Tax discounts for Magna add up to 7.38 pesos and 10.75 pesos for diesel

Meanwhile, the Premium will enjoy incentives of 4.63 pesos for IEPS and 1.09 for VAT or ISR, adding a discount of 5.73 pesos per liter.

Without these discounts, diesel would be just over 10 pesos more expensive than its price at service stations, the Magna 7.38 pesos and the Premium 5.73 pesos per liter.

In the context of the increases in fuels due to the war in Ukraine, diesel is one of the fuels that has increased its prices the most, it should be noted that it is mostly used for the movement of goods and people by foreign transport.

This week, the head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) estimated that the costs for these stimuli in the year for the treasury will range from 350,000 million pesos (mdp) to 400,000 mdp; 200,000 for the IEPS discount and 13,000 million pesos per month for incentives to importers and refiners.

“At the government level and at the level of public finances, we are going to come up with tables, there is not going to be any macroeconomic effect, everything that we are subsidizing is what Pemex is obtaining for more income, because the price of crude oil is high,” said the head of the SAT.

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