Tatán Mejía won with an impressive potato-based dish in Masterchef

Tatán Mejía was at risk of being eliminated in MasterChef Celebrity

Aida and Corozo they prepared a pasta that had many flavors so it was not ideal for the jury.

then they passed Chicho and Ramiro They presented a lasagna that, although it tasted good, was a bit dry.

Tatan and Estiwar G They brought a bolognese pasta to the lectern, however, the amount that was placed on the plate was too much and the pasta broke, so the cooking was not as indicated.

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Manuela and Carlos they presented a dish that they qualified as recursive because they lacked several ingredients

Isabella and Christina They made a cold salad with different vegetables, but for chef Carpentier a little salt and pepper was missing, while for Zubiría the dish fell short of pasta, since there were too many vegetables.

The jurors decided that they would be dThe couples who would have the black apron so they chose Corozo and Aida and Tatán and Estiwar G.

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